Your support can help protect the forest elephant in Liberia

We urgently need your help – now. The forest elephants of Liberia are extremely vulnerable, and the poachers could take this majestic animal right to the brink. We are counting on you to help us save this magnificent species.

The forest elephant is such an important animal. It’s generally a little smaller than the African savannah elephant, and it lives in the lush vegetation of the rainforests. As it clears the undergrowth with its tusks, it helps create paths and clearings for other animals, and is vital for regeneration of the forest by spreading seeds across its habitat.

Yet forest elephants are extremely vulnerable across Africa. A study 3 years ago showed that a staggering 62% of all African forest elephants have been killed for their ivory over the past decade – which is why this recently discovered population is so important. It breaks my heart that this truly iconic and majestic creature is facing such indiscriminate slaughter, and even extinction. We need to act now to save them. Tomorrow could be too late.

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Sapo National Park is a critical haven for forest elephants. Stretching across a vast 1,800 square kilometres, the park is located within the largest range of Upper Guinean rainforest left in the world. And now that we know there are forest elephants wandering in and around the park, it has become one of the most important enclaves in Western Africa for this vulnerable creature.

With your help, we can organise an extensive survey of the Sapo forests so we can get a picture of just how many elephants are there. How many groups, how many adults, how many youngsters. We need to know where they spend their time, and the areas they roam to. Once we get an accurate picture, we can start to put measures in place to protect them – such as directing our anti-poaching patrol teams to those most vulnerable areas and setting up checkpoints to deter hunters smuggling illegal bush meat from the Park.

Please do make your gift as soon as possible. There is so much that we just don’t know about the elephants at present. And the longer we are kept in the dark, the more chance the poachers have of succeeding. We have a lot of work to do, but we know that with your help we can achieve it.

Thank you.
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Some of the first footage obtained of forest elephants in Liberia outside a protected area

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Here are just a few of the items we need:

First aid kit £10 could pay for a first aid kit... help a ranger injured in the field.

Full kit £327 could help pay for a full kit...
...essential for rangers in the jungle environment.

genetic test £817 could buy genetic testing kits... help track elephants and ivory more accurately.