The Sumatran tiger needs your support more than ever.

Fewer than 500 left in the wild and poaching has increased 600%.

With fewer than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, every tiger is invaluable to us.

And as numbers drop and they become harder to find, their value increases to poachers.

Of course, saving one tiger doesn’t just mean preserving its life – it means that it lives out the natural course of its life.

Plus, that tiger is critically important to the next generation – and the repopulation of tigers in the future.

Donate now to help

So here’s what we have to do to save one tiger:

- Minimise conflict between humans and tigers so any situations that occur cannot be exploited by the poachers and the chance of revenge killings is minimised

- Build partnerships with local people, who can help us monitor poaching activity

- Raise political support for wildlife crime legislation in the area

- Investigate poaching and wildlife crime to stop poachers before they enter the area

- Patrol the area to ensure that poachers are caught

- Remove all the snares being laid by poachers.

These aren't actions that are easy or simple to take. And the money needed to support this work reflects that.

You can be a part of this campaign by supporting our work.

Here’s an extract from an email we received from Debbie Martyr, the project leader in Sumatra, which details some of the costs we must raise funds for:

So far this year our ranger teams walked almost 1,100 miles on forest patrols in and bordering the National Park and destroyed more than 60 active tiger snares - an increase of 600% since 2011.

Our goal for 2015 is to conduct five major organised illegal wildlife law enforcement actions in 2015 at an average cost of GBP 850 each to send a clear message to the gangs threatening tigers and other wildlife ...

"Don't poach or trade tigers from Kerinci Seblat National Park..we know who you are, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted ..and yes, you will go to prison."

Program costs:
For existing personnel GBP 8,069
Two new ranger posts GBP 3,412
Forest patrols GBP 5,400
Extend Wildlife Crime Investigations GBP 3,000
Wildlife emergencies GBP 1,000
Field equipment GBP 1,800
Travel and petrol - 4 provinces of central Sumatra GBP 2,500
Law enforcement actions GBP 3,200
Briefing key provincial detectives on wildlife crime investigations GBP 3,250
Field medical packs and emergencies GBP 1,500

This is the least we need to help just one tiger survive.

We’re building on years of work in Sumatra, and every penny you donate is helping us to carry that legacy on into the future.

So please donate what you can – if we can save one tiger, we can save them all.

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Sumatran tiger photo by Brian McKay
Sumatran Tiger photo by Brian McKay

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Rucksack £20 could pay for a rucksack... help a ranger carry his kit on patrol.

patrol £50 could help pay for a forest patrol...
...helping us disarm snares and catch poachers.

Ranger £1,575 could pay for a new ranger for 1 year...
...which would help increase frequencies of patrols.