Watch the video below to see Diego in action!

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Rhinos across Africa are being killed for their horn.

As the value of rhino horn has increased, well-armed and organised gangs of criminals are profiting from this grisly trade.

Rhinos can live for up to 50 years in the wild and the females can give birth several times – unless their lives are brutally cut short by poachers.

Diego and his friends are ready to stop the poaching – and you can help too.

Please give today to help protect the wildlife of Africa.

Your support could help both the rhinos and the teams protecting them.

Without this protection the remaining rhinos in Africa are in serious danger – so please give what you can.

Even the smallest gift could make a difference in this life or death struggle.

Thank you so much.
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Diego, trained by White Paw to stop the poachers. Photo credit: White Paw Training
These dogs are trained to remain safe around rangers while effective against poachers. Photo credit: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

A gift of £10 could help pay for Diego's food and drink - as you can see, it's thirsty work!

A gift of £25 could help pay for a day's training for Diego and his ranger friend - so their teamwork is second to none.

A gift of £50 could help pay for body armour for Diego - an extra layer of protection on top of his incredible speed.

An amazing donation of £10,000 would pay for the entire cost of training another dog like Diego.